Garage Door Safety


Maintain Security and Extend the Life of Your Garage Door System

The largest moving objects in most homes is the garage doors. They are there to keep us from outside threats, but are you also safe from danger when you are using them? At Dave's Garage Door Specialists, Inc., your safety is our priority. Trust our professionals for the maintenance and repair of your door and operator systems.

Auto-Reverse Mechanism

All garage door operators (openers) that were sold since 1993 have legally required auto-reverse mechanisms. Older operators lack these features and should be replaced.

Ensure Your Safety

In some jurisdictions, it is unlawful to repair an operator that doesn't comply with the UL 325 or doesn't include an auto-reverse mechanism. We suggest replacing these types of operators for your safety, despite not being required by law. Aside from this, their age makes them difficult and costly to repair.



The most expensive repair that you may encounter with a door system is the replacement of a broken spring. It is impossible to tell how long an extension spring can last just by visual inspection. In normal usage, they typically last 5 to 7  years.

However, torsion springs can last up to 7 to 12 years. They allow for a more controlled motion when raising and lowering garage doors. You can tell whether your torsion springs need replacement by inspecting if your door does not open all the way or if the springs have gaps in them.

Ensure Your Safety

Since springs are usually under extreme tension, they should incorporate an inserted cable. This will help prevent pieces from flying loose if the spring breaks.


Talk to an Expert

Other relatively common repairs include replacement of broken cables, rollers, hinges, operator photocell safety devices (sensors), belts, circuit boards, and gear kits. Most of these can be completed during a service technician's basic call. If you encounter any problems with your garage door system, drop us a line today.