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Because garage doors are the largest moving objects in our homes, safety should be the primary focus of maintenance and repair of door and operator systems.

Auto-Reverse Mechanism: All garage door operators(openers) sold since 1993 have legally required auto-reverse mechanisms. Older operators lacking these features should be replaced. In some jurisdictions it is unlawful to repair an operator that doesn't comply with UL325 (doesn't include and auto-reverse mechanism). Even where replacement isn't mandated by law, such operators should be replaced for safety and because their age make them difficult and costly to repair.

Extension Springs: Because extension springs are under extreme tension, they should incorporate and inserted cable that helps prevent pieces from flying loose if the spring breaks.

The most costly repair an owner is likely to encounter with their door system is replacement of a broken spring. In normal usage, springs will typically last 5 to 7 years. But breakage is unpredictable- it's impossible to tell how much a spring life is left by visual inspection.

Other relatively common repairs include replacement of broken cables, rollers, hinges, operator photocell safety devices, belts, circuit boards and gear kits. Most of these repairs can be completed during a service technician's basic call.